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Unleash Your Inner Architect with our DIY Printable Scale Ruler! 📏

Hey there, DIY champs! Ready to level up your planning game? Introducing our super-cool printable scale ruler—because who said measuring can't be fun?

Printing Prep:

Print this bad boy on your favorite paper—I vote for card stock; it's like the superhero of paper. Just make sure to hit that 100% scale setting for maximum dimensional awesomeness.

scale ruler Printing instruction
Hit the "Actual Size" Button. See that little superhero button circled in red? it's your printing sidekick.

Size Check Dance:

Before you dive in, do the A4 size shimmy. Use the 1:100 section to measure the width—it should be a solid 210mm. Precision, my friends, precision.

Printed scale ruler, scissors and UHU glue on a desk
Printed scale ruler, scissors and UHU glue

Fold and Score (Lightly): 

Channel your inner origami master and fold at those dashed lines. It's like a warm-up for your ruler-building muscles. Thicker paper? A gentle score might be your BFF.

Trimming Time: 

Grab those scissors and trim along the solid lines. Pro tip: recycle the excess like the eco-warrior you are.

Glue Galore:

Time to get sticky! Grab your UHU glue and apply it where we tell you to (we're the bossy type).

Seal the Deal:

Stick the flap with our cool logo to the glued one. If you're anti-glue, tape works too—just make sure it’s as stuck as your friend who won't stop singing that catchy tune.

Completed scale ruler
Completed scale ruler

And voila! You've just birthed a triangle scale ruler. Measure away, measure pro, and let those planning adventures begin!

Ready for Your Dream Project?

We're not just here for ruler-making fun; we're here to help you turn your dream spaces into reality. Imagine using this very ruler on the plans we create together! Why not drop us an email to discuss you next project?

Psst... Don’t forget to share your ruler-making escapades with us. We live for that stuff! 🤘✨

Download PDF • 70KB



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