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Architect Consultation

If you're overflowing with ideas but unsure of what's feasible, we're here to assist. We'll navigate you through the costs, planning and building regulations limitations, and environmental benefits of various options you're considering. Additionally, once you have a clearer vision, we can provide practical next steps to move forward.



Whether you’re looking for more space, or just a way to use it better, we can help you clarify which of your ideas might work and how they might be implemented. We can also help you to understand what is possible and how it fits with what you have currently.


Be it a change in circumstances, or a growing family, sometimes layouts just simply do not work. It may be a case of bringing light into your home, maximising a view, or creating a sense of space. Whatever your dilemma we can advise you in a practical cost effective way, and when you are ready to go forward we can help you with our full design and planning service.


You may have been pondering for years whether to ‘love it or list it’ as Kirstie and Phil might say. We can help you with that.


  • You fill in a questionnaire to help establish your priorities

  • We will visit the site or your home or do this virtually if it is a long way

  • We will give you ideas based on your aspirations and what’s possible

  • We will send you ballpark build costs for your project so you can compare with your budget, the cost of moving, or your house value

  • We will investigate any planning policy issues that might get in the way of your project, so you are fully prepared

  • We can look at build-ability and give you feedback

  • We can discuss eco building options, environmental improvements and energy efficiency measures with you so you can start to formulate a plan

All discussions can happen on site, virtually or via the good old fashioned telephone!

Cost £250 (incl. VAT)


We look forward to helping you!

All you need to do now, is tell us a bit about your project using the form below and we can arrange a chat


Thanks for submitting!

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