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Soaring Heights: Drone Footage of The Sheds (And a Surprise Ending).

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

We're beyond excited to share an exclusive drone's-eye view of The Sheds, our Passivhaus Premium project in the heart of the North Cotswolds. But wait, there's more—get ready for a surprise twist and a dash of unexpected camaraderie.

From above, witness the open-plan living space that invites nature into every corner, maximizing natural light and offering panoramic views.

The bird's-eye view of the construction site highlights the work in progress and the meticulous planning that went into this building.

And now, for the Unexpected Twists:

Just when you thought the drone footage was all smooth sailing, here comes the surprise ending—our drone decided to play a game of hide and seek with one of the majestic trees surrounding The Sheds.

🤷‍♂️ Drone vs. Tree: Our fearless drone pilot attempted a daring manoeuvre, channeling their inner adventurer. Spoiler alert: the tree won. No drones were harmed, but the tree earned a new feathered friend.

🌲 Behind the Laughter: While we may have had a moment of panic, it turns out our client Duncan knows a thing or two about drone escapades. He had his own crash course a couple of weeks before! Talk about bonding over unexpected drone adventures.

Watch the Drone Footage (and the Unexpected Endings):

Our crahed drone
Our crahed drone


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