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Cobham Road

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Development Architect



This project focused on revitalizing a row of unappealing garages in Cobham Road, Walthamstow, transforming them into two environmentally conscious semi-detached homes. Atelier73 Architects Ltd took the reins for RIBA Work Stages 3-4, stepping in after the project received planning approval from another architect. The initial six garages, spanning approximately 92m2, were replaced by a thoughtfully designed structure with a slightly larger footprint of 125m2. Notably, the impact on neighbouring properties was carefully mitigated through a curved roof and reduced volume at the sides, maintaining a single-story presence.

Strategically set back from the road, these new homes avoid any sense of imposition. The centrepiece is a striking double-height living space that seamlessly connects to front and rear gardens. Enhancing the aesthetic, the design incorporates an internal Juliet balcony on the first-floor landing and exposed curved roof beams. Noteworthy for their energy efficiency, the houses boast a living green roof, blending sustainability with contemporary design principles.

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