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Project Type

Extension, loft conversion and renovation.






Concept + Development Architects



Revitalizing a familiar 3-bedroom house became our canvas for transformation—an exploration of space and functionality that embraced both renovation and extension. At the rear, a thoughtful blend of single and double-storey extensions unfolded, accompanied by a loft conversion, and a strategic reorganization of the ground floor layout—a comprehensive overhaul designed to harmonize with the needs of the family.

The heart of the redesign lies in creating an atmosphere of light and openness. The ground floor now boasts an inviting, open-plan layout, seamlessly extending its embrace to the garden. Yet, nestled at the front, a private snug retains its place—a cozy retreat within the expansive canvas of the home.

The addition of two bedrooms is not just a numerical expansion; it's a thoughtful response to the needs of the family, ensuring ample space for each member. This isn't just a renovation; it's a curated experience where every detail aligns with the rhythm of family life.

In the dance between old and new, this house emerges not just as a structure but as a testament to the transformative power of design. It's a haven that respects the past while embracing the future—a light-filled, open-plan retreat that seamlessly adapts to the ebb and flow of family living.

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