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Box House

Project Type

Extension + Renovation






Development architect



In a quiet corner of suburban Sevenoaks, a modest mid-20th century bungalow is undergoing a thoughtful transformation. The plan is simple yet impactful—an additional storey and ground floor extension that will gift its residents with unspoiled views of the neighbouring Kent countryside.

From the project's outset, a commitment to thermal efficiency shaped decisions. The existing structure above the basement garage gracefully made way for a modern SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) replacement. This pragmatic choice ensures not only a robust structure but also a home that prioritizes energy efficiency.

The architectural palette, though more humble in description, holds its own charm—timber and stone clad the exterior, creating a cozy yet elegant family home. It's a reminder that architectural brilliance can be found in the fusion of simplicity and functionality.

This project isn't just about construction; it's about crafting a comfortable abode that respects its surroundings. With a promise of open views and a dedication to efficiency, it stands as a testament to the quiet beauty of thoughtful design in the heart of suburban living.

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