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The Street

Project type

New build




West Suffolk


Concept architect



Nestled in the picturesque landscape of West Suffolk, this dwelling is a testament to the art of design within constraints. Positioned along a narrow strip of land adjacent to an existing property, the shape of the plot is carefully choreographed, dictated by a covenant that restricts any building work on a portion of the site. It's in these limitations that true creativity flourishes.

As you meander down a single-track lane, the new dwelling unveils itself, strategically set back to offer a tantalizing glimpse of its modern aesthetic. The anticipation builds with each step, revealing a contemporary masterpiece that seamlessly integrates into its natural surroundings.

The architectural language speaks volumes—clean lines, simplicity, and a thoughtful play of materials. Vertical cladding, brick, and glass dance together, creating a symphony of modernity that resonates with the landscape. It's not just a house; it's a visual poetry composed in brick and glass.

Beyond aesthetics, this family home is a testament to sustainability. Designed along Passivhaus Principles, a fabric-first approach takes center stage, ensuring a minimal ecological footprint. Every element, from layout to materials, is a conscious choice toward energy efficiency, reflecting a commitment to both modern living and environmental stewardship.

In the delicate dance between constraints and creativity, this dwelling emerges as more than just a residence; it's a harmonious integration of design, nature, and sustainable living.

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