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Happy Harris House

Project type

New Build






Concept + Development architect



Nestled within the embrace of Essex's greenbelt, this dwelling is a harmonious fusion with its sloped surroundings. Accessed through a single-track lane, it unveils itself gradually, offering tantalizing glimpses that heighten anticipation.

Crafted to seamlessly integrate into the landscape, the new dwelling pays homage to the established qualities of the site. It's a contemporary masterpiece adorned with clean lines—a celebration of modernity that respects the essence of the surrounding greenbelt. Vertical cladding and expansive render aren't just materials; they're intentional choices, contributing to a building that harmonizes effortlessly with its natural setting.

The architectural ingenuity extends beyond appearances. Varying heights and split levels thoughtfully break the bulk of the building, ensuring a form that gracefully merges with the undulating landscape. This isn't just a house; it's a sculpted presence that becomes one with its surroundings.

The thoughtful design doesn't stop at aesthetics. Concrete floors, rich in thermal mass, coupled with highly insulated SIP panels, maintain an ambient internal temperature. An integrated MVHR heat recovery system silently stands guard, minimizing the need for internal space heating.

As a testament to its significance, this project found its spotlight on Building the Dream - Series 8 Episode 9: Essex. It's not just a dwelling; it's a featured narrative in the story of building dreams within the heart of Essex's greenbelt.

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